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Brick House, Manchester

Extensive house renovation and extensions. 

Fieldwork were appointed to remodel a 1950's home within the greenbelt area of South Manchester. A series of ad-hoc extensions had been added to the original home historically, which had led to a disjointed internal configuration that was closed off to the garden area at the rear.

The concept proposed a continuous band of red brick which wrapped around the full perimeter of the ground floor to unify the front and rear elevation. The brickwork is articulated to provide views to the rear garden, introduce natural light, integrate planting beds and respond to the internal functions within the house.

Internally, the rear extension area is separated into three zones: living, dining and kitchen. A double sided fireplace acts as a focal point within the plan, whilst also providing structural support. Large skylights on either side of the fireplace draw natural light down into the centre of the internal areas below and provide a visual separation between the new extension and the existing house.

The living room floor is lowered and extends into the garden with a seamless floor finish. This allows the garden area to feel part of the living room when fully opened.

The brickwork on the external elevation is articulated to form an integrated herb planter bed in front of the dining space.

The brick soffit which spans the full length of the rear elevation is cantilevered out, to provide shelter in the winter months and shade throughout the summer. The project was carefully detailed with a linear brickwork throughout, to celebrate the local red brickwork in a contemporary form.

The project completed in Spring 2022

Photography by Pete Landers

Year: December 2018

Client: Private

Status: Completed Spring 2022

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