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Suncourt, Essex

Nestled alongside an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Essex coastline, the design creates a collection of contemporary barns within the curtilage of a mid-century mansion building. 

The project replaces three original barn buildings, with new volumes that are re-orientated to take advantage of the views towards the estuary. A floating timber box is introduced into the barn at the front to provide a calm elevated retreat, providing views over to the estuary. The internal volume of both barns have been carved out to create intimate spaces where required and flexible communal zones. An elegant glass colonnade links the two barns, allowing them to be used together or independently.

The selected materials reference the surrounding agricultural vernacular and existing use of the site, with Shou Sugi Ban black cladding, industrial metalwork internally and raw concrete flooring. The project adopts a strong sustainable approach to minimise the carbon footprint within the rural setting. 

Year: March 2022

Client: Private

Status: In Construction

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