Koura Villas, Monaco, France

1 no. Villa and 4 no. Villa Apartments in Monaco, France.


The project developed with Mailen Design utilises the existing plot of a villa bungalow into two separate sites to propose a natural stone and brass clad villa and adjacent apartments of four single storey units perched on the hillside overlooking Monaco and the Cote de Azur, France. The scheme has been developed to maximise the views over the Mediterranean, whilst maintaining an elegant and considered form and privacy to the rear which faces one of the primary routes into Monaco.


Whilst the two sites have different briefs, these are designed as ‘two sisters’ sitting alongside each other, complimenting each other in form, design and materials. 


The scheme obtained planning consent and Permis De Construire in 2017.

Year: March 2019

Client: Private

Status: Planning Approved