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The Bandstand Pavilion, London

Fieldwork Architects have been commissioned to design the Talk Space pavilion for Clerkenwell Design Week 2020

The Bandstand Pavilion reimagines the traditional Victorian bandstand as a focal point within the Park, a place for gathering, discussion, entertainment and shelter.


Rather than a traditional forward facing seating arrangement, the nature of the bandstand form allows the focus point to be partially in the round and engage the audience as a discussion, rather than a presentation. As a place for debate, the Talk Space is required to be both inward and outward looking.  The mass of the bandstand has been inverted within a solid cube, focussing attention and sound on the speaker via a centrally located geodesic formed dome and circular seating below.


Equitone panels clad the internal dome and the external cube at high and low level, creating a raised platform at the base to house stepped seating and a stage for presentation. A bold use of colour and CNC pattern formed façade panels aim to draw attention from the surrounding park, as a modern interpretation of a Victorian architectural style.


The bandstand becomes a place to stand, lean and sit in participation, focussing attention on the speaker and engaging the audience and the park in its entirety. 

Year: May 2022

Client: Clerkenwell Design Week and Equitone

Status: In Construction

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